TV2 News Denmark, news- concept 2014

      Structure for outdoor News studio, TV2 News Denmark

Total at ONS, Norway

  Total at ONS, Stavanger, Norway 15 x 8 meter, sandwich with steeel/aluminiumstructure , glass and mixed media.      

Olympic studio TV2 Sochi, Russia, 2014

  Official Broadcaster TV2 main Olympic studio, 8 x 9 x 3,7 meter. Structure of extruded  polystyren sandwich, aluminium  and glass. AC, heat and cooling systems  

Mirror annex in Lofoten Norway

Small annex building with the Oil Tank in Skrova, Lofoten Norway

Election 2009 and 2013

Hard Talk Studio, The 2009 and 2013 Parlament Election Norway, TV2, News

The 2013 Election,TV2 Norway

  The Set Design for the 2013 Election Debates TV2,  Oslo Norway.  

Underhuset TV2

Underhuset TV2 Norway, 2013   Political debate/humor show  

Champions League/Viasat Norway

Images from Viasat new CL studio in Oslo, February 2013

Football Extra, TV2

Football Studio FX, TV2   2012  

Retail and interior

Retail concept for Brilleland, Norway 2011-2012Concept for Interoptik 2012-2013 Hair Lounge, Oslo 2007Hotell interior, Bondeheimen, Oslo, 2006, with Riss AS